Beef Cow Herd Health Initiative (BCHHI) Program- Year 2

IAPO is once again offering the Beef Cow Herd Health Initiative to support First Nations cow calf producers in the evaluation and adoption of herd health management practices.

What is the BCHHI Program?

The Beef Cow Herd Health Initiative Program is intended to assist beginning beef farmers in the development of a health program for the cowherd. For existing beef producers, the BCHHI will assist with fine tuning current health practices and cover areas of herd health that are not currently undertaken. Eligible First Nation cow calf producers will have access to on farm consultations with their Veterinarian throughout the year, with cost share opportunities on appointment and treatment costs.

BCHHI Program Eligibility

First Nations beef producers in Ontario who are First Nations with registered Status are eligible.

Eligible producers must have at least 5 cows (including cows and bred heifers) and must have owned the herd for at least 60 days before date of application into the program.

Exceptions for start-ups and youth will be consider on a case by case basis.

Eligible Cost Share Expense

Eligible cost share expenses include Veterinarian call fee, time on the farm fee to a maximum of 1.5 hours per call and approved licenced veterinary products. Program participants are eligible for up to three consultative visits/year in the 2021/2022 program year from a local veterinarian or veterinarian technician.  This allows for an initial visit, as well as fall and late winter visits, prior to March 31, 2022.To qualify for 3 visits, participants must apply by September 30, 2021.

Cost Share Based on Herd Size

Eligible producers must apply for enrollment in the program and submit annual fee/cost share contribution with their application. Fees are based on herd size.

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